Established in 2010 by Gabriela Goldbaum, Valdez collaborates with local collectives in Ecuador that employ craftswomen and train them to become experienced artisans.

Women are taught the two main processes of the art of the toquilla hat – weaving and blocking.

By working directly with artisans in Ecuador, the brand aims to strengthen the appreciation for products that are made by hand and socially responsible.


Toquilla straw is a flexible yet strong material. It grows naturally in the provinces of Santa Elena and Manabi, Ecuador.

The harvesting of the toquilla is artisanal and organic.

Small communities of artisans are in charge of growing, collecting, treating and preparing the straw for weavers and buyers. The know-how has been passed to them by previous generations.

With our daily efforts at Valdez, we help promote and preserve the tradition of the toquilla for future generations.